HuggCoin ( HUGG – Token for Modern Payment System )

HuggCoin ( HUGG )

HUGG Digital Coins (HuggCoin) or HUGG is a unique Token used to pay for, buy, sell, and exchange all of the HUGG Business Group’s products and services, as well as businesses and general shops in communities across the world ( Daily use )

HuggCoin (HUGG) VALUE GUARANTEED with all HuggCorp business group products and services

Simply keep HUGG in your wallet. Get more and more of both returns.

HUGG – HuggCoin Price

Exchange & Market & Wallet for HUGG


For browser & mobile-phone app.

after ENTER ACCOUNT press <– back 3 times
InterStellar for HUGG wallet installation guide.
+Add Token HUGG to Wallet Manually.
To receive HUGG in our wallet, we must follow the instructions.
Manual to sent – transfer HUGG to other people.
+Add USDT (ERC-20) Token to Wallet for Trade Pair with HUGG.

For browser.

after LOGIN press <– back 1 time

For on PC app. & on mobile-phone app. ( setup )